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December 12, 2016

Monday Musings

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith..." Galatians 5:22

I have been concentrating on things that are good for me. Things that bring peace because I know that come January I will be in the midst of the legislative whirlwind, which is okay because it's what I signed up for and I know there is a high level stress involved. That being said I thought I would read a little bit in Galatians about the Fruit of the Spirit and I never noticed one of the fruits was long-suffering. WHAT? That doesn't even fit in that sentence to me at all. How in the world do you have joy and peace and gentleness and faith while in the midst of suffering long? I don't want to write a sermon here, so I am just asking God how in the world long-suffering could be one of the fruits of the Spirit. Suffering is something I am most certainly avoiding and unless it means something else in the original biblical text I am somewhat perplexed about that. Any comments from anyone on this?

I had a weird dream last night. And I have a little headache and my throat hurts this morning. When I got up this morning I put on a pot of joe and turned on all my Christmas lights. Maybe I will feel better here in a bit. Maybe I will swallow some Tylenol. Wolfie is laying next to me in my chair and he sure is warm. I will head to Little Rock in the morning and work for the rest of the week. I have some bills I am working on and some committee meeting to attend and then the best thing is some children in my district will be singing in the Capitol Rotunda. For the last three years I have met them over there and listened to them sing and given them a little bit of a tour. It is one of my favorite things every year. They are always super cute and their teacher is a wonderful lady. I absolutely love her.

I have spent too much money on Christmas this year, but the wonderful thing about it is that I have started after 17 Christmas' (I don't want to talk about why I hated Christmas so long) to love it again. The lights, the joy, (except in NWA traffic, stop being so mean people) the sounds, the smells, my huge tree which I love, love, love and my husband who has encouraged me to love it. I love him for that.

Well, not a lot more happening. I am going to take a bunch of pictures of the Capitol this week and I will put them on here for you to see. And other than that I will leave you with some Christmas music while I work on this long-suffering thing. Be blessed today ya'll.

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